Stalked by sheep

Man is it ever hard to find a title for these blog posts. This however came to my easily for the sole reason that I have never before been stalked by a sheep. This sheep we came across one a nice walk in Hovborg the other day. Despite having Trunte with us, this one sheep kept following on us as if to scare us out of the enclosure.

The following pictures are from this walk.





IMG_1755 web


IMG_1747 web

This last picture is obviously not taken by me. My father in law took this one and I love it. I LURVE IT.  This is me. Mor first, sling enthusiast (or idiot – depends I guess) and crazy about photography. Look what slings can do for you – you get to be with your kid AND do what you love the most – all at once. It like an expensive kinder egg or something like that.

I guess you want see it, right?


Lessons learned since last blog post:
When flirting via text message with husband make sure that phone number is the right one. Husbands friends gets very confused when receiving flirty text messages from strange woman, who turns out being husbands wife.