So life goes on

Strangely enough it really does. Kids still need to be fed, clothes need to be washed, floors need to be vacuumed and wood still needs be brought in before the fall. It’s hard to just keep plugging away and ever so often during the day, I find myself starring at the sky thinking about C asking the one question we will never get the answer for – why?

This sad experience has made me think about everyday life, how precious it really is and how we simply can not afford to take the time with our kids for granted. So to embrace that, I have promised myself to take more pictures of the ordinary day in our house, the everyday mundane things because at the end of the day that is what life is mostly about.

I found this little poem surfing the net one day and it just says it so beautifully. I don’t remember where I found it and I don’t know who wrote it, otherwise I would have left credit for that.

Normal day. Let me be aware of the treasure you are.

Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.

Let me not pass you by in a quest for some rare and perfect tomorrow.

Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so

So here is my first attempt at freezing memories of everyday in our family. This Day Iben was playing with a friend, so she is nowhere to be found in these pictures.

My two sleepy kids greet each other in the morning. Both having slept in our bed.

I need coffee. It’s raining outside.

Sønnich has gotten into his clothes and is ready to face the world

Are you coming Mor?


Lunch, drinking buttermilk

Babies need playtime too

Getting pretty strong at 3 months

Nap time is needed after hard workout. Still raining so get to sleep inside.

Big brother plays while little sister sleeps.

After naptime is over, guess who is back from work?

He must be happy to see her!

Least but not last, Liv in action performing live for grandparents in Canada.

All taken on saturday and converted to B/W because the day was dreary and boring and so very dark.

I truly love my new camera, it’s awsome and makes me take more pictures which I will have to, to get to know it better. So check in again soon as I will continue to work on my new goal and take more pictures of ordinary life.

My new camera arrived

Today just before 10 it got here. I have been waiting for it for 9 weeks and I love it. I barely have the time getting to know thou as I’m alone with three kids. Frustrating? A bit –  but given the circumstances it really does not matter all that much.

The kids and I just spent a few days on Rømø and I ended up taking the kids to the beach to get some silhouette. I haven’t has a chance to edit them, but one I have to show.Silouet1 copy

My kids are just beautiful, if I may say so myself.

Funny after lusting after the new camera for so long, the thought of parting with the other one is not sitting well with me. Iben is nagging me to give it to her, I think we should consider it.

Dreaming a bit

Well the camera is still not here. Liv is now 9 weeks old and I have wished so many times that I could use the video function on the camera and of course, take some beautiful shots of her and Iben and Sønnich. 8 weeks I have waited now and I hate Canon even more now.  I have called stores in Sweden, Germany and Canada and it’s backordered everywhere. I hope they are working night and day on getting this camera back on the shelves.

In the mean time I hope to get a new camerabag . I have a very sturdy and roomy Lowwro (Nova 4 I believe) but it’s too uhandy when chasing kids around. As I use primarily primes, I have to change lenses frequently and that in combination with running kids  – well. So I was looking at the Shootsac but 179 USD is a little steep for my taste. I the remembered lusting over the Tracy Joy Kristine bag and I have decided that I need to get that. She is retiring and won’t be making any more bags. I think this bag is just what I need. It’s easy to get into and will make changing lenses much faster and more hazzle free – and it’s kind of cute.

I decided to take the plunge and then what? Of course for the first time EVER I have problems with Paypal. Typical. SO now I’m crossing my fingers that I can get it once paypal has reconfirmed my adress.

When my camera finally arrives, I would be a shame to wear it around my neck on a crappy looking strap. So soon I will have to shop for a neck strap and I think I will get it from My fynky camera.

This one here I like

Or this one

This color combo has alwasy been a favourite of mine

This may just be the one I think it’s so pretty

I have very little time these days to take pictures. Life is busy and I need to get better at taking some snaps. I watched my kids the other day- all three of them playing on the floor. Well Liv is doing her own thing obviously and the two big ones just like hanging out close to her. I thought of getting up and getting the camera out, but decided against it and just sat there and soaked it all up.

Tomorrow, actually later today now that I look at the time I will post some snapshots from this month. They makes me smile and the remind why life is so wonderful and why those of us who can, have to make the best of every day.

She lost another tooth

and why would that have to be posted on the www?
Because in this household and with our daughter, it doesn’t happen quietly and without drama – on the contrary.
For a duration of two weeks she has been holding on to that darned tooth. It has been hanging by a thread and caused her nothing but grief – but no way would she take it out.
Brendan has tried, I have tried but no luck.
Yesterday was big drama as Sønnich hit Iben in the face – not on purpose and hit her right on the hanging tooth. Of course this happens 5 minutes before dinner timer, dinner she has helped preparing.
What a drama! She can’t eat, she won’t pull it out, she wants me to do it but I can’t touch her and so it continued – endlessly. Normal bedtime is 19.30 and at 8 Iben ended up eating a bowl of Koldskål (danish dessert/food) and then she was tucked into bed.
3 am she calls me, the tooth finally feel out, in her sleep.
This morning she woke up, happy as a clam and very proud to have lost another tooth. Yes this was her second.