Liv is 3 months and having a blast

My tiny baby is not tin anymore. She is full of life and she is wonderful. She laughs and loves eye contact and closeness. The last few days I have chosen to ignore her initial fuss over being in a wrap and found her to fall deeply asleep for hours the second she gives in. I love being able to smell her little head and kiss it whenever the urge gets the better of me.

I wanted to take a picture of her the day she turned 3 months but hey, life is busy and it ended up being the day after.

Here she is 🙂 My Liv, my perfect little baby girl who I love so endlessly much. 3 months and 1 day old.

On Saturday we took a walk in the forest. We need the fresh air and we have so beautiful surroundings out here, it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.

The weather was lovely, sunshine but not too warm, blue Sky and lush green forest. All of that you won’t see 😉 I was playing around with my new camera to get to know it better and got some snap shots of the kids.

Iben picked flowers for me.

And she poses a bit for mor 🙂

Sønnich playing on grass.

For some reason this looks soft when oploaded when in reality it’s not.

He is a super hero.

Even super heroes need to pee

Least but not last a little movie showing Livs new found love for laughing.

Our day in the forest was lovely, we finished up by eating chocolate cake.

My new camera arrived

Today just before 10 it got here. I have been waiting for it for 9 weeks and I love it. I barely have the time getting to know thou as I’m alone with three kids. Frustrating? A bit –  but given the circumstances it really does not matter all that much.

The kids and I just spent a few days on Rømø and I ended up taking the kids to the beach to get some silhouette. I haven’t has a chance to edit them, but one I have to show.Silouet1 copy

My kids are just beautiful, if I may say so myself.

Funny after lusting after the new camera for so long, the thought of parting with the other one is not sitting well with me. Iben is nagging me to give it to her, I think we should consider it.

Dreaming a bit

Well the camera is still not here. Liv is now 9 weeks old and I have wished so many times that I could use the video function on the camera and of course, take some beautiful shots of her and Iben and Sønnich. 8 weeks I have waited now and I hate Canon even more now.  I have called stores in Sweden, Germany and Canada and it’s backordered everywhere. I hope they are working night and day on getting this camera back on the shelves.

In the mean time I hope to get a new camerabag . I have a very sturdy and roomy Lowwro (Nova 4 I believe) but it’s too uhandy when chasing kids around. As I use primarily primes, I have to change lenses frequently and that in combination with running kids  – well. So I was looking at the Shootsac but 179 USD is a little steep for my taste. I the remembered lusting over the Tracy Joy Kristine bag and I have decided that I need to get that. She is retiring and won’t be making any more bags. I think this bag is just what I need. It’s easy to get into and will make changing lenses much faster and more hazzle free – and it’s kind of cute.

I decided to take the plunge and then what? Of course for the first time EVER I have problems with Paypal. Typical. SO now I’m crossing my fingers that I can get it once paypal has reconfirmed my adress.

When my camera finally arrives, I would be a shame to wear it around my neck on a crappy looking strap. So soon I will have to shop for a neck strap and I think I will get it from My fynky camera.

This one here I like

Or this one

This color combo has alwasy been a favourite of mine

This may just be the one I think it’s so pretty

I have very little time these days to take pictures. Life is busy and I need to get better at taking some snaps. I watched my kids the other day- all three of them playing on the floor. Well Liv is doing her own thing obviously and the two big ones just like hanging out close to her. I thought of getting up and getting the camera out, but decided against it and just sat there and soaked it all up.

Tomorrow, actually later today now that I look at the time I will post some snapshots from this month. They makes me smile and the remind why life is so wonderful and why those of us who can, have to make the best of every day.

I cant believe there will be no pictures

Still no camera in sight, not even an estimated delivery time can be forced out of Canon. I’ll be very childish here and say that I think canon sucks…. I have a beautiful little baby girl, one month tomorrow and a 50 mm lense that is in for repair with the canonshop and has been for 2 months now – let’s repeat that– 2 months- and it’s stil not back. I ordered the canon 5dmkII on the 25/5 and they can’t even give me an estimated time for when I can expect it here…. can you picture me throwing a tantrum? Well because I am right now and several other times during the day. I want my FF camera to take pictures of my new baby, I don’t want to be stuck with my 85 mm lense that is too big for indoors, so I want them to give me back my 50 mm I want to be able to make videos of my family and yesterday would have been too late.

Ok rant over.

The family is doing fine. Brendan is busy wih exams and the kids -well they are busy being kids tearing down the house and causing trouble, playing with friends and whatnot. Just a few days ago I found out that the sentense ” We feed the bunny a wheelbarrow full of food” means exactly that – it’s no code for something else. Of course I first figured this out when the damage was done and I found myself looking at a huge pile of food enough to feed 60 bunnies and the trail leading form the shed where the food is, throu the garden and over to the cage. Even better it rained that night, so now I have bunnyfood mush in the entire backyard.

This week will be busy for us as it is packed full of social stuff. Tomorrow I’m baking cake for my co-workers whom I will be visiting on wednesday along with all three kiddos. Iben has to go to a birthday party tomorrow and I’m one boys gift short *GAHHHH*. What to buy for a 6 year old boy??? Ideas are very welcome – the budget is 25 kr. making it virtually impossible. Thursday Ibens SFO is having their summeparty and the invite came last week! Seriously, everything seems to be very last minute as the invite for the B-day party tomorrow came friday. If I was not so lucky to be on maternity, we would be so over our heads trying to  make time for all of this. Friday Ibens class party is on and that is an outdooe event, so cross your fingers for good weather – cross them hard and long, this is Denmark after all.

Today is my mothers birthday. Congrats to her. She has decided to seek shelter from her family amongst some ruins somewhere and I’m not talking in codes either, she is cheking out ruins.

So I guess I don’t have alot more to add here. The lack of pictures is due to the absense of camera and lense but hpefully my nifty fifty will be back this week and that should make it possible for me, to take some of the pictures I have been wanting to.

Words and sentenses heard a million times in this household these days :

  • I want more gormitis
  • I need to organize my Diddle
  • we want to play with someone
  • can I sit with my little sister
  • alot of swearwords from me whenver I think of Canon.

Liv is here

On tuesday morning 10.54 Liv came into this world and we instantly loved her.  She is so unlike her siblings it’s almost unreal. She weighed 3250 grams and was 50 cm long and has beautiful dark long hair. Go figure eh. Iben was 4200 grams and 54 cm, born three weeks after the duedate and Sønnich born  4 days over the duedate, weighed 4350 and was 54 cm. Iben and Sønnich had very little hair and it was more on the blond side from the get go.

The c-section went fine, I have no complaints in that regard. I hate c-sections and wish it didn’t have to be that way, but since it was my third I knew what to expect – that actually makes it worse. Everything went fine and quicker than I thought and even thou tuesday was painful, I was optimistic because I know how fast I get better.

I had wished for Liv to not get dressed after the birth, making it possible for me to have skincontact with her a.s.a.p. With both Iben and Sønnich a long time passed before I had good contact with them and that had the frustrating effect, that breastfeeding became a challenge. I was hellbound determined to change that this time around and I did. She has been feeding like a pro from day one, making it a relaxing a pleasant experience to get breastfeeding going again.

Liv is so far a mellow liltle girl. She is very cruisy and patient with both her parentes and her two siblings, who absolutely adore her. Introducing her into the family has been easy and effortless. Brendan and I expressed the need to leave the hospital 24 hours after the c-section – unusual choice but it was respected by staff at the hospital and they went out f their way getting all rutine doctors appointments lined up for us, making it possible. The even manged to schedule in a extra check up by an orthopedic doctor, to rule out hipdysplasia. Liv is perfect, nothing indicating problems of any sort.

So 24 hours after her delivery, I went home with Brendan and our new baby girl and it has proven to be the right descision for us. Brendan and my mother has been taking care of me, helping me wit hthe practial aspects and they completly took over with the big siblings, making it a good experience for them too. Iben has been so very proud and wants to sit with her new baby sister all the time, while Sønnich is more loving her on the fly buy. He will jet over, kiss her head, say she is sweet and get on with whatever he is doing.

Brendan and I love being parents for the third time and we are proud to show off little Liv Emma Raaby Daley.

There will be lots of picture in the weeks to come, I just need a few more days to bounce back in shape. When my new camera arrives, the Canon 5d mkII there will be no stopping me, I still can’t believe I’m actually getting my dream camera.