I’m flabbergasted

So two weeks ago one of the major news paper in the country (which is Denmark in case you forgot) featured a 4 page article about slings. I love that as I have a real passion for babywearing and would like more parents to know about this alternative.
The article was nicely done and me and a bunch of girls from my babywearing forum took the trip to Copenhagen to help out the journalist and get pictures taken, the article can be found here. Its in danish, consider yourself warned 😉

Today vegging on the couch after a long night with no sleep, an editor from a well know publishing company called. At first I thought he wanted me to buy a subscripion to some lame magazine I have no interest in, but that was not the case at all. The editor wanted to run an idea by me about a book on “how to” sling. He had read the article in news paper and on top of that had several friends who are a member on Slyngebarn and that had inspired him to create a book about the practical aspects of babywearing. We spent some time on the phone tossing ideas forth and back and found a somewhat common ground. Now my job is to make a rough draft for them to look at.
Some of the hurdles that will have to be overcome is that the publishing company wants to get the book partly funded by a sling vendor and that can get tricky. I think there are people interested in doing it, but it has to be done in such a way that everyone is aware, that Slyngebarn is independent, that we don’t favor one vendor or brand over another. I hope we can find a way to make it work because it would be overly fantastic to get a book about slings published and sold in bookstores and grocerystores and geta chance to reach those, who haven’t thought about babywearing yet.
What I find very interesting is, that it was suggested that I take the photographs for the book, how awsome is that. Getting to be both author and photographer in a project that is so close to my heart – how lucky am I…
Sp cross your fingers and maybe I can soon annoucne that my maternity leave will be spent writing a book.

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