Just one of those days where you wanna smash your camera

Well not really. Actually yes – if I had the money for a new one, I would have.
I had Sønnich home all day, he had a bad cough all night and was not himself this morning, so we took a day at home. It was one of those rare days where Sønnich doens’t mind getting his picture taken and then what happens? The freaking autofocus bails on me again. Oh how I hate going throu many perfect shots and having to ditch them, because focus feel wrong. And before you even think it to a finsih -NO it is not me, it is the camera.
A few turned out all right but I’m still frustrated beyoond belief.
Als when I openede PS today all my actions and brushes where gone and I had to spent a considerable amount of time, loading them again. Thank god for backups.

The teddy bear pictures is meant for the nursery, both I don’t know which one of the two versions to choose. So I made a poll and hope you will help med decide 🙂