Finding oldies

I have this idea about decorating the hallway with pictures of own offspring and stencils of trolls like these or these I have found a few pictures that I will get prints of and get framed but not enough. One picture I might have blown up in big canvas size is this one which can be found on this blog too. I want to find one of Sønnich too to in the same size but haven’t made up my mind as to which one it should be.
While searching for pictures today I can across to that I have never taken the time to edit and thought I would give it a go. Guess what – I like them enough that I think they will make it into the hallway and stairway display.

I have spent the last few days reading the pioneer womans blog and I hae enjoyed it so much, she makes me laugh and also waste a considerable portion of my day. Hey I’m on maternity at the moment, so bascially paid to do nothing – and I’m getting good at it.

Finding oldies · · 16. Apr 2009 · 22:18 · Uncategorized