Rain and rascals

So today it rained and it was overcast. The last two days have been perfect, sunshine and blue sky. Today the clothes arrived that we ordered 3 weeks ago and I had plans to get some nice portraits done of both kids. Seeing the weather was so so, the kids and I where tired, it ended up not happening.
I did end up getting a snapshot of the tow of them in new clothes outside the front door and I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m not compleltly non-biased, but I think they are cute.
ALso got one of Sønnich that I played a bit with, nothing fancy and nothing award wining, but it’s a photography blog and so I’ll post it anyway.
Tomorrow the weather should be fine again and I hope to get some pictures taken of stuff. I plan to decorate the nursery with some picutres of different things all babyrelated but still need to get my head around what it could be..

Rain and rascals · · 15. Apr 2009 · 19:54 · Uncategorized

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