My freaking 50 mm is not working AGAIN! Just 6 months ago the autofokus stopped working and I had to wait 4 weeks for it to be repaired. With the new baby due in a month, it happend again today – I’m so angry I feel I could burst into flames.
Sønnich and I had planned to get some pictures taken today, it’s all a part of my ” I want pictures of my two kids” before they are three – plan. I had planned to shoot indoor and therefor using the 50 mm – but no such luck.
I think the few pictures I did take of my dear son today, very much reflect my mood at the time.
We did have a good time thou, that has to be said.
Tonights task is to find repair papers from last fix and wrap up lense so it can be shiped off tomorrow and be ready for the new babys arrival in not very long.

Grumpy · · 14. Apr 2009 · 18:28 · Uncategorized

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