New website is up running

I haven’t had the time to do much about it. Still I decided I might as well launch it and so tonight I did. The next few week I will log onto the webpage and get a feel for, what needs to be done.
I can’t add the pictures that I want onto the webpage as we have taken down the external server where all my photos are stores. I truly feel naked.

One more week and we move. It’s crazy to think about. Both Brendan and I are getting really excited and exhausted. Brendan has been packing like a mad man these last few weeks, not really getting alot of help from me. Work just takes it all out of me and even more so now that we are 5 weeks into the strike.

Anyways enjoy the sneak peak of the website that can be found here.

New website is up running · · 24. May 2008 · 21:19 · Uncategorized

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