Before I take off for a few days

I have to go away for a few days and I hate it. Actually I’m looking forward to learning new stuff and meeting other people doing the same job as me, but beeing away from my kids – I really hate it.

The weekend was spent not feeling well. Not the best timing in the world as we are a week and a half away from moving. We did mangage to take pictures thou. Most proud I am of Iben who decided to ride her bike without support wheels on it and by sheer determination, she pulled it off right away. Can someone spell proud 🙂
Sønnich decided to copy Iben and ended up finding his little balance bike and ride it for the very first time too…..
Geez these kids are growing in front of my very eyes….
SO this time around there will be pictures of biking kids, smiling kids, beautiful kids, kids kids kids……….

Before I take off for a few days · · 20. May 2008 · 19:00 · Uncategorized