Freelance Agreement India Pdf

Neither party is liable for any damages, loss of data, profits or revenues, capital costs or default costs related to the subject matter of the contract. In the absence of a freelancer agreement, expectations of the freelancer and their necessary services may be unclear. It is essential that an independent contractor and his client have a common understanding of the scope of the project in order to avoid confusion or additional work. Perhaps the most important aspect of a freelance contract, the clarification of how much, how and when you are paid, simply cannot be overlooked. The amount and payment method shown are entirely up to you, but you may want to structure the payment plan differently depending on the size and length of the project. If it has been discussed and agreed as part of the project (either orally or by e-mail), place it in the contract. Be sure to avoid vague language. Provide accurate information about volume, timing, designs, or iterations, otherwise the scope could be open to interpretation and could lead to differences of opinion. In addition to signing a freelance contract, it may also be necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement. First, you need to determine between whom the agreement exists and what the nature of the relationship is.

Remember that this is an independent contract, not an employment contract; You should identify yourself as an independent contractor. Depending on where you work in the world, this can have tax consequences if it appears that you are acting as an employee and not as a contractor. The contract protects the interests of both the company and the self-employed, as it clearly defines the scope of the work and the general conditions of the project.