Eu Uk Fisheries Agreement

A no-deal would leave the EU without access to UK waters – where EU vessels fish the most – given that the UK would then have full jurisdiction more than 200 nautical miles off its coast, in line with the exclusive economic zone. That is why the EU wants to maintain its access to UK fisheries, which is an important issue for the UK, dethough fishing accounts for less than 0.1% of its economy. The UK must reach an agreement that will guarantee its fishermen a fair share of fishing quotas, given that fishermen made up a large part of the population that voted for Brexit. They see Brexit as a way to recover some of the UK quotas of EU member states, such as the 94% of the Dutch. However, British fishing chiefs have warned the government against any sale. Barrie Deas, the head of the National Federation of Fisheries Organisations, said: “What we would not accept is the task of fishing rights to have a trade deal.