Virgin Mobile Credit Agreement Security Key

13.3 Limited liability. Some laws may involve guarantees or conditions or impose obligations on us that we cannot exclude, restrict or modify at all, or that we can only exclude, restrict or modify to a limited extent. To the extent that these laws apply, our responsibility to you, to the extent that you are able to do so, is limited to the outside or in connection with this Agreement (subject to clauses 13.1 and 14.2) depending on our choice: (i) in the event of repair or replacement of the goods, or to thieves of equivalent goods or , in certain circumstances, at reimbursement; or (ii) in the case of service delivery services. 14.2 Suspension for other reasons. We may also suspend your use of the Services if you (or someone who uses your SIM or modem) (i) violate a clause in this Agreement; (ii) damages or abuses or endangers the network; or (iii) abuse or threats from our staff; or (iv) provides false or misleading information at any time; or (v) is a prepaid customer and has not made a paid call or fee for a service within 120 days; or vi) exceed your credit limit or not pay an invoice if it is due; or for other reasons, prescribed by law or, if ordered by a public authority. That`s the whole scam, but they can keep the credit. I just want my number back! I`m not interested in confusing my phone with the new SIM I didn`t want on a phone, but a good option I made on my other phone was just a new Smarty mobile SIM, their plans are good, the exchange is easy, and if you use little or no data, it`s a five a month for a lot of texts and calls. I used to move to Virgin, they are cowboys who could take less care of customers. (a) you violate an important clause of this agreement (such as clauses 1.2 and 3.7) and do not correct this violation within 20 business days of receiving a notice from us and you inform that you have breached the agreement; Hey, guys. The same results here finally blank to make me the new SIM for my old Nokia with the usual result sim virginia did not accept, then sent me a nice free phone, but not good for me because it anticipated SMS has visually impaired, it`s not good. Local phone shop couldn`t find a way to make it run oh well back to the drawing board The latest situation seems to have started little by little a few weeks ago and is now becoming much more sensitive, as the amount of complaints increases. All concerned recently received a replacement SIM (which was not requested by all customers, while others got it after an upgrade) and quickly tried to install them in their existing handsets, which worked perfectly on Virgin Media`s mobile service.