Mor proudly presents : Sønnich and his many hats

So Iben had a play date today. Sønnich was unhappy about not being invited and so mor and Sønnich decided to hang out for the day. We had fun. Lots and lots of fun. I hope you will get that sense from the pictures, becasue there surely was alot of laughs.
Sønnich agreed to let me take some pictures of him, but quickly lost interest. So we went for a bicycle/walk down to my sisters store and tried on hats.
The bribe of the day – an icecream.
I took 58 pictures og which 30 turned out great. Still not sure how I feel about the AI servo focus mode…. Seems more shots are off when using AI servo than with one shot focus mode. Ah well…. we had fun and still ended up with some great pictures. Very little editing done as I believe less is more. A tiny bit og tweaking and sharpening for web, that’s it.