Had to stay home today

and man was it ever boring. What is the sense of being here with no one to take pictures of ? Granted I was feeling under the weahter which was the reason for this highly inconvinient and unplanned day off. What to do with hours and hours alone, having to stay fairly close to a toilet ? Well surf for tech nerd photo info – of course. So found out that it would be worht a try switching AF mode. I have so far always used one shot mode nad been very pleased with it but today I decided to give AI servo a shot… It was a quick session with Iben, having to bribe her with homebaked goodies and still not gettting her to sit still for more than 2 secs.
They turned out all right I think – you be the judge.

Had to stay home today · · 27. Mar 2008 · 17:06 · Uncategorized

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