Midnight talk and sunset walk

So I’m  really about to run out the door. Had plans to update the blog yesterday but of course the server was down, typical.

Grampa is about to leave, tomorrow he is going back to Canada. The kids have really enjoyed his visit and both are happy that he is willing to leave Grama behind, so we can enjoy her a bit more.

So Liv has gotten into the habbit of talking loudly at night, she is telling wonderful tales from the magical baby world. I so love this stage, as I love any baby stage. Her expressions are priceless. unfortunately the tv is on right next to me as I’m recording, but she is still heard loud and clear.

We have startet a new tradition when grama and grampa visit. We go for a walk around Kvie Sø and have dinner at the pancake house. We love it. Grampa managed to get a photo me that I love, can’t wait for him to sent it to me when he gets home.

Here is Kvie Sø at sunset.





IMG_1672 web


Grama is reading the big kids a story in a day where neither of them are feeling well. Good timing having Grama there to spoil them.


Grampa is a good helper to Mor, he carries Liv around so Mor can get stuff done and eat. I think however that they really enjoy hanging out together. Here they are checking out some window decorations that Iben and Sønnich did.


The last three photos are of Henriette. She is pregnant in week 37 and I’, jealous. I miss my big belly and a moving little baby in the womb. Isn’t she just gorgeous!

IMG_1559 web

IMG_1607nosharpendone copy

IMG_1616done web

I’m not at all done editing, I’m weeks behind but I plan to make it happen very soon.
Right now I’m off to take more photos of beautiful kids, I can hardly wait 🙂

Donna, I make sure to include grama everytime because we know you check in from time to time 🙂

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