One a day like today

Posting not perfect pictures of my family is what I need. The world seems to unfair these days in so many ways that I find I have an urge to surround myself with happines. Every day I get updates from Canada that make my heart bleed and I find myself asking the question that we will never get the answer to again again. Why???!

Today has been ok. The kids are sweet althou Sønnich that little rascal is testing me a fair bit.

These pictures are snapshots from our lifes and I love them. No perfect portrait will ever beat these, they reflect my kids and make me smile. I’m so overly proud to be the mother of these beautiful indivduals and the wife of the sweetest man ever and I take the time everyday these days to really appreciate them.

Starting with the most flawed picture ever, but the one I love most of them all.

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