Trip to Rømø

a few days ago we took  a trip to Rømø. The weather has been so hot and humid and sticky that the beach seemed to be the right place to go. We had a great few hours there and the kids enjoyed it immensely. Sønnich got very daring and actually went all the way in the water – right away! Iben being a water rat, was in the water for a long long time. I took some cute and awsome pictures of that, but for obvious reasons they will not be shown here. Grandma if you read here, I would sent them to you if you would like that.

After the beach trip we went back and had dinner at my parents place, Steph and Gregor and Alma showed up too.

Truck toy that Sønnich played with

Bedstemor bought cool waterguns for the kids – they had a blast with them.

Alma eating Ibens nose. Iben adores her little cousin and loves playing with her.

Liv 6 weeks old, sleeping in her daddys arms.

Not related by blood, can you believe it?

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