Month: July, 2009

So this was the first 6 weeks

Time flies when you are having fun, my newborn baby is no longer newborn, she is actually 6 weeks old. Iben and Sønnich will be off from nursery and SFO for a month starting monday next week and so I will be having my hands full. Unfortunately the camera has still not arrived and I’ m getting impatient by now as I have waited for 5 weeks so far and there is still no ETA in sight. What I did do was take my birthday money from last year and spent it on a 35 mm lense and that arrived the day after I ordered it. I have taken a few test shots with it and so far I love it.

I did buy the lense primarily with indoor pictures in mind thou and maybe group shots in tight spaces and I think it will be perfect for that. These pictures of Liv are all taken with the 35 mm lense. Also the picture of Iben and Liv chatting it up is taken with t he 35 mm and in a very tight space.

This last one of Liv I have done nothing to. I know she has blotchy skin and that the comforter in the backgrond is distracting and several other things – but she is my little girl and perfect never the less.

The kids and I just spent the weekend on Rømø, it was nice. Unfortunately the weather was not nice enough for us to be able to go to the beach. Of course now, when stuck in the middle of the freaking country, it’s sweltering hot.We did go for walks and did try the new maze the build on Rømø and the kids really enjoyed it.

There is something wonky going on with this last picture but Liv is sleeping,dinner almost ready and I dont have the time to fix it…