Month: June, 2008

Exploring Lindknud

We are still loving it here. Iben finds it challenging to have moved, she misses the KNOWN. She misses her grandparentes, the spare dog *LOL*, the nursery school, Moster Fia and Gregor and all her friends.
Iben and I have been out and about exploring the surroundings today. We had so much fun that we have to repeat it tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures from today.

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We finally moved and found awsome light

The days are sweltering hot and moving in has been exhausting. We were 5 adults and two kids and it took all day long. We started on Rømø really early on saturday and finsihed late sunday night, with breaks for food and sleep only.

We love being here thou. The house looks awsome with ou furniture in it. My dad who was sceptical at first, really warmed up to the place over the span of the two days and whne he left sunday night – he was raving about it.
My sister and her husband showed up for a surprise visit sunday, that was really wonderful.
My mother in law is here and the is no stopping her. She is going hardcore from early morning till she drops at night. She is unpacking, arranging,cleaning and what not and we have to force her to take a break.
Almost everything has gone smoothly so far, except for the fact that the washer and dryer was not delivered today. As a cloth diapering mom – it makes me break out in hives….

Here are a few pictures for starters. More will follow and also include Linda… SO for the Canucks out there, check in again.