Month: May, 2008

While the diapers are in the washer

I have a few moments to spare. Life is busy. Soon thou we have our new house and can fnally move in…. yeaaah. I will have aout 30 hours more to my disposal and hopefully more energy and time for kids and hobbys.
The weather has been gorgegous here for many days now. This morning I snug out the door 30 minutes earlier than I had to (meaning 5.30) and went on a photohunt in the morning fog. I have the pictures to prove it.
I have added a fairytale like photo of my darling daughter as well. Enjoy.

Spring is in the air – and we are loving it.

SO we have had some wonderful days off. We have had ice cream, been to the beach, picking flowers and goofing around. We even had a barbeque.
I ventured into potraits of adults and choose the ultimate challenge, my mother. I have to admit I’m proud of that one myself. Next challenge will be my mother in law who is not quite as camera shy – I hope 🙂

Tomorow I hope to do lots more.