Month: February, 2008

One from today

Not the greatest but hey, not all that bad either. Will get more tomorrow hopefully and post them in color.

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The days are so short

I can’t believe how little time I have for the kids, my husband and my hobbies these days. After starting work the days just seems to disappear so fast.
Today however I took the time to play around with garage light and so far found one picture I want to share. If I end up having some ekstra time tonight, I’ll post some more – but don’t hold your breath.

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Remember to click the pictures

I have heard several times that the picutes show up wonky on the webpage. Just click them and the will show up in the correct size.

I don’t have the time to take new pictures these days. Work is keeping me away for so many hours, it really sucks. I liket the job thou, really like it and hopefully we move soon and thereby the commute will be reduced.
This weekend new pictures is top priority.