Month: September, 2009

Fall is here

Where did the summer go. How can it be fall already? Yesterday we took the kids for a walk in the troll forest. The day was not glorious weather wise, it was grey in grey and at the end of our trip, it started drizzle raining. The good thing about fall is, that there is so many beautiful colours everywhere. The tree are not in full fall colour mode yet, but there are definitely signs that is it soon happening.

In 5 days my parents in law will be arriving in Denmark in 5 days (insert panicky smiley) leaving the most beautiful country in the world around fall time. I was in awe when first arriving in Canada on October 7th 1998 – I simply could not believe the beauty, the colours of the trees with the backdrops of the great lakes. It still to this day is burned into my mind as the most beautiful landscape. I wish I could be there in the next few weeks. I will stay here  thou and celebrate the christening of my little daughter on  Sunday and I  am looking immensely forward to that too.

Here are the first fall pictures of the season, not a person in sight – that will come later.

IMG_1327 web

IMG_1345 web

IMG_1340 web

IMG_1331 web

IMG_1301 web


IMG_1304 web

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It’s been too long

Somehow life is just moving forward so fast these days. Liv is now 4 months, Iben is in first grade and in 6 months, Sønnich will move up to preschool. I want the pause botton, I need life to slow down and m kids not to grow like weeds – just for a little while. Please!

As I’m typing this, it’s late. I will share a few of our now 4 month old baby. I will make an effort to update more frequently and get more pictures of the big ones too. I now have a new computer and new editing software and life is easier and faster and that will make a change I think. Before I would take me hours to get pictures ready and let’s face it, I really don’t have hours.

IMG_1270 web

IMG_1264 web

IMG_1271 web

I don’ t know why the slideshow won’t center and since it’s soon midnight I’m not even going to attempt fixing it. Another day maybe, more like NOT.

I now see that the off centering of the slide means not wanting to center the horisontal picture either, I still don’t care.

A little hello from our lovely little 4 month old, our little ray of sunshine.

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Need more speed

My computer is dying on me and it’s happening fast. It is starting to show various problems, sometimes it works at less than half speed, frustrating when converting raw files to JPEG, sometimes different keys are not working and the pause screen comes on, while I’m working on it. Hopefully we can find the money somewhere to get a new one.

So it’s been awhile since I posted. Life is lived in the fast lane and we are still affected by the death of C, grieving and being angry takes energy and whatever is left, is spent on the kids and keep the house to somewhat acceptable standard.
Yesterday I dropped of Sønnich and came back here and saw this on the kitchen floor

This on the couch table

and this right beside it

It’s mess, reminding me that I have been blessed with three kids, three little beings that I love more that any word could ever express and three little beings that complete my family. Yes it’s mess but it’s a sign of life too and sometimes that is how we have to think about it to not burn out in an attempt to live “perfectly” and neat.

Have I ever told you about my feet fetish? I have a feet and rubber boot fetish. Look at these, they make my heart melt.

And these little feet belong to this wonderful baby, my baby who is growing with a ginormous speed.

Up close and personal 🙂

So I have decided to start up my photograhy buisness for real in may net year. Because I am a fulle time work patientcounsellor and a mother of three and a wife and head administrator of Slyngebarn I can only offer 4 photography slots a month. I think I will offer to drive to Ribe, Kolding, Fredericia, Vejle and everything in between that.

I have been looking for a website solution and have fallen in love with one, that first and foremost is gorgeous but also offers the feautres I will need. Of course it is really pensive but hopefully I can score a discount on a sale.

Anybody want to have a sneak peak ?

Well here it is. Looking good, isn’t it 🙂