Month: June, 2009

My niece

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So good news

I will have my precious 50 mm back next week. Really it’s over due I have waited bloody forever it seems. Having missed out on so many photo opportunities I realized I need a wide angle lens and since I haven’t spent my birthday money from last year, the will go towards a 35 mm f/2.0 lense. I hope tp push the “buy” botton in a few days, just need to get some money in from some slings I sold.

In the near future this blog will change appearance. I have for a long time wanted to have my blog with the Tofurious theme and I have been playing around with that and I’m almost confindent enough, to make the transfer. When it happens the blog will most likely be in a mess for a few days but it will be worth it – I hope. For now I’m stll toying around with the test blog and I want to have an exact copy working and too my liking  before I take the final plunge.

Liv has been keeping me on my feet the last two days – or nights rather. Last night she was crying for the better part of the night, not really being happy with anything. Today I’m tired and so is she. She has been sleeping most of the day and I fear, we might repeat last night “party” tonight.

anyways, hopefully we’ll have pictures in the next few posts, this is getting boring eh. Please cross your fingers that I soon hear from Canon and that the can give me a date for delivery of the camera.

I cant believe there will be no pictures

Still no camera in sight, not even an estimated delivery time can be forced out of Canon. I’ll be very childish here and say that I think canon sucks…. I have a beautiful little baby girl, one month tomorrow and a 50 mm lense that is in for repair with the canonshop and has been for 2 months now – let’s repeat that– 2 months- and it’s stil not back. I ordered the canon 5dmkII on the 25/5 and they can’t even give me an estimated time for when I can expect it here…. can you picture me throwing a tantrum? Well because I am right now and several other times during the day. I want my FF camera to take pictures of my new baby, I don’t want to be stuck with my 85 mm lense that is too big for indoors, so I want them to give me back my 50 mm I want to be able to make videos of my family and yesterday would have been too late.

Ok rant over.

The family is doing fine. Brendan is busy wih exams and the kids -well they are busy being kids tearing down the house and causing trouble, playing with friends and whatnot. Just a few days ago I found out that the sentense ” We feed the bunny a wheelbarrow full of food” means exactly that – it’s no code for something else. Of course I first figured this out when the damage was done and I found myself looking at a huge pile of food enough to feed 60 bunnies and the trail leading form the shed where the food is, throu the garden and over to the cage. Even better it rained that night, so now I have bunnyfood mush in the entire backyard.

This week will be busy for us as it is packed full of social stuff. Tomorrow I’m baking cake for my co-workers whom I will be visiting on wednesday along with all three kiddos. Iben has to go to a birthday party tomorrow and I’m one boys gift short *GAHHHH*. What to buy for a 6 year old boy??? Ideas are very welcome – the budget is 25 kr. making it virtually impossible. Thursday Ibens SFO is having their summeparty and the invite came last week! Seriously, everything seems to be very last minute as the invite for the B-day party tomorrow came friday. If I was not so lucky to be on maternity, we would be so over our heads trying to  make time for all of this. Friday Ibens class party is on and that is an outdooe event, so cross your fingers for good weather – cross them hard and long, this is Denmark after all.

Today is my mothers birthday. Congrats to her. She has decided to seek shelter from her family amongst some ruins somewhere and I’m not talking in codes either, she is cheking out ruins.

So I guess I don’t have alot more to add here. The lack of pictures is due to the absense of camera and lense but hpefully my nifty fifty will be back this week and that should make it possible for me, to take some of the pictures I have been wanting to.

Words and sentenses heard a million times in this household these days :

  • I want more gormitis
  • I need to organize my Diddle
  • we want to play with someone
  • can I sit with my little sister
  • alot of swearwords from me whenver I think of Canon.