Month: May, 2009

So finally a few pictures of Liv


These pictures are really not even close to what I wanted but I’m out of luck in that regard.

1. I was sliced open only a few days ago and it leaves me unable to hang from curtains and climb walls

2. I only have a 85. mm to work with and that aong with problem three, makes for problematic combo

3 . entry level camera with a 1,5 crop factor makes 85 mm impossible to work with in small space and since I have problem number one…..

I was well irritated. She is newborn now and for some reason nothing pans out…. *SIGH*

Enough complaining.

Liv is lovely. She – so far, has shown a very mild temper and does not mind the kids making lots of noise around her when she sleeps. She does not like the babycarraige yet, so we will have to practise that. Slings is her thing, but right now craddleposition in any sling, make her angry. She feeds well and poops all the time, so everything ok in that way. She is a sucker for close body contact and that requires that I sit upright and sleep with her on my stomach. The second I try to put her down, she cries, she poops, she needs a change and have that done, makes her scream louder. After screaming alot, one is very hungry. Lather, rinse, repeat – you get the picture, right?

Earnestly we are all in love with her, our minaure baby. Iben wants to hold her all the time and Sønnich will stop by ever so often, to touch her and tell me I have a pretty baby *LOL*. Not ever 2 weeks has she been in the family and already we can’t imagine being without her.









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