Month: May, 2009

So finally a few pictures of Liv


These pictures are really not even close to what I wanted but I’m out of luck in that regard.

1. I was sliced open only a few days ago and it leaves me unable to hang from curtains and climb walls

2. I only have a 85. mm to work with and that aong with problem three, makes for problematic combo

3 . entry level camera with a 1,5 crop factor makes 85 mm impossible to work with in small space and since I have problem number one…..

I was well irritated. She is newborn now and for some reason nothing pans out…. *SIGH*

Enough complaining.

Liv is lovely. She – so far, has shown a very mild temper and does not mind the kids making lots of noise around her when she sleeps. She does not like the babycarraige yet, so we will have to practise that. Slings is her thing, but right now craddleposition in any sling, make her angry. She feeds well and poops all the time, so everything ok in that way. She is a sucker for close body contact and that requires that I sit upright and sleep with her on my stomach. The second I try to put her down, she cries, she poops, she needs a change and have that done, makes her scream louder. After screaming alot, one is very hungry. Lather, rinse, repeat – you get the picture, right?

Earnestly we are all in love with her, our minaure baby. Iben wants to hold her all the time and Sønnich will stop by ever so often, to touch her and tell me I have a pretty baby *LOL*. Not ever 2 weeks has she been in the family and already we can’t imagine being without her.









Liv is here

On tuesday morning 10.54 Liv came into this world and we instantly loved her.  She is so unlike her siblings it’s almost unreal. She weighed 3250 grams and was 50 cm long and has beautiful dark long hair. Go figure eh. Iben was 4200 grams and 54 cm, born three weeks after the duedate and Sønnich born  4 days over the duedate, weighed 4350 and was 54 cm. Iben and Sønnich had very little hair and it was more on the blond side from the get go.

The c-section went fine, I have no complaints in that regard. I hate c-sections and wish it didn’t have to be that way, but since it was my third I knew what to expect – that actually makes it worse. Everything went fine and quicker than I thought and even thou tuesday was painful, I was optimistic because I know how fast I get better.

I had wished for Liv to not get dressed after the birth, making it possible for me to have skincontact with her a.s.a.p. With both Iben and Sønnich a long time passed before I had good contact with them and that had the frustrating effect, that breastfeeding became a challenge. I was hellbound determined to change that this time around and I did. She has been feeding like a pro from day one, making it a relaxing a pleasant experience to get breastfeeding going again.

Liv is so far a mellow liltle girl. She is very cruisy and patient with both her parentes and her two siblings, who absolutely adore her. Introducing her into the family has been easy and effortless. Brendan and I expressed the need to leave the hospital 24 hours after the c-section – unusual choice but it was respected by staff at the hospital and they went out f their way getting all rutine doctors appointments lined up for us, making it possible. The even manged to schedule in a extra check up by an orthopedic doctor, to rule out hipdysplasia. Liv is perfect, nothing indicating problems of any sort.

So 24 hours after her delivery, I went home with Brendan and our new baby girl and it has proven to be the right descision for us. Brendan and my mother has been taking care of me, helping me wit hthe practial aspects and they completly took over with the big siblings, making it a good experience for them too. Iben has been so very proud and wants to sit with her new baby sister all the time, while Sønnich is more loving her on the fly buy. He will jet over, kiss her head, say she is sweet and get on with whatever he is doing.

Brendan and I love being parents for the third time and we are proud to show off little Liv Emma Raaby Daley.

There will be lots of picture in the weeks to come, I just need a few more days to bounce back in shape. When my new camera arrives, the Canon 5d mkII there will be no stopping me, I still can’t believe I’m actually getting my dream camera.

Dropped of my son and picked up half a racoon

So this morning I dropped of my 4 year old son in the nursery school and when I went to pick him up at 2 o’clock he looked more like a racoon. Well to be more precise, he looked like half a racoon.

Days like today I love my washingmachine, life would just be – eh crappy without.

Unexpected visit from one of my favourite models

This morning I had unexpected visitors – I love that. My sister, my mother and my lovely niece came by, dropping of some of the stuff my sister lent for when she had Alma.
We had coffe and a niece chat and then Alma woke. There is just no way around it, I had to take some pictures of this gorgeous little girl.
Can I just say how much it stinks that Canon still has my 50 mm lense! Seriously, it’s been a month now – for the second time and I’m not happy about it. I love my 85 mm, I actually prefer it, but inside the foclal lenght does not work – my house it not big enough for me to back up in and then being dagnerously pregnant on top of that – makes it impossible to hang over a couch or stand on a chair.
So these pictures lack everything compositionel wise and I take no responsibility for that.
The dog picture – well that’s on request from my sister. Do you like it Steph? 😉

With no further ado, todays 5 minute photosession.

She looks like Yoda in the one above – I love it

Another favourite of mine, just love the exxpression

Had my last midwifes visit today and the baby has an estimated weight of 3500 grams. Also I was right about the last few days activity, the baby has moved from one side of the belly to the other after having been in the same position for months. It’s explains the activity I have been observing lately.

So Steph and Gregor, how do you like them?

She lost another tooth

and why would that have to be posted on the www?
Because in this household and with our daughter, it doesn’t happen quietly and without drama – on the contrary.
For a duration of two weeks she has been holding on to that darned tooth. It has been hanging by a thread and caused her nothing but grief – but no way would she take it out.
Brendan has tried, I have tried but no luck.
Yesterday was big drama as Sønnich hit Iben in the face – not on purpose and hit her right on the hanging tooth. Of course this happens 5 minutes before dinner timer, dinner she has helped preparing.
What a drama! She can’t eat, she won’t pull it out, she wants me to do it but I can’t touch her and so it continued – endlessly. Normal bedtime is 19.30 and at 8 Iben ended up eating a bowl of Koldskål (danish dessert/food) and then she was tucked into bed.
3 am she calls me, the tooth finally feel out, in her sleep.
This morning she woke up, happy as a clam and very proud to have lost another tooth. Yes this was her second.