Month: April, 2009

I’m flabbergasted

So two weeks ago one of the major news paper in the country (which is Denmark in case you forgot) featured a 4 page article about slings. I love that as I have a real passion for babywearing and would like more parents to know about this alternative.
The article was nicely done and me and a bunch of girls from my babywearing forum took the trip to Copenhagen to help out the journalist and get pictures taken, the article can be found here. Its in danish, consider yourself warned 😉

Today vegging on the couch after a long night with no sleep, an editor from a well know publishing company called. At first I thought he wanted me to buy a subscripion to some lame magazine I have no interest in, but that was not the case at all. The editor wanted to run an idea by me about a book on “how to” sling. He had read the article in news paper and on top of that had several friends who are a member on Slyngebarn and that had inspired him to create a book about the practical aspects of babywearing. We spent some time on the phone tossing ideas forth and back and found a somewhat common ground. Now my job is to make a rough draft for them to look at.
Some of the hurdles that will have to be overcome is that the publishing company wants to get the book partly funded by a sling vendor and that can get tricky. I think there are people interested in doing it, but it has to be done in such a way that everyone is aware, that Slyngebarn is independent, that we don’t favor one vendor or brand over another. I hope we can find a way to make it work because it would be overly fantastic to get a book about slings published and sold in bookstores and grocerystores and geta chance to reach those, who haven’t thought about babywearing yet.
What I find very interesting is, that it was suggested that I take the photographs for the book, how awsome is that. Getting to be both author and photographer in a project that is so close to my heart – how lucky am I…
Sp cross your fingers and maybe I can soon annoucne that my maternity leave will be spent writing a book.

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Just one of those days where you wanna smash your camera

Well not really. Actually yes – if I had the money for a new one, I would have.
I had Sønnich home all day, he had a bad cough all night and was not himself this morning, so we took a day at home. It was one of those rare days where Sønnich doens’t mind getting his picture taken and then what happens? The freaking autofocus bails on me again. Oh how I hate going throu many perfect shots and having to ditch them, because focus feel wrong. And before you even think it to a finsih -NO it is not me, it is the camera.
A few turned out all right but I’m still frustrated beyoond belief.
Als when I openede PS today all my actions and brushes where gone and I had to spent a considerable amount of time, loading them again. Thank god for backups.

The teddy bear pictures is meant for the nursery, both I don’t know which one of the two versions to choose. So I made a poll and hope you will help med decide 🙂

Finding oldies

I have this idea about decorating the hallway with pictures of own offspring and stencils of trolls like these or these I have found a few pictures that I will get prints of and get framed but not enough. One picture I might have blown up in big canvas size is this one which can be found on this blog too. I want to find one of Sønnich too to in the same size but haven’t made up my mind as to which one it should be.
While searching for pictures today I can across to that I have never taken the time to edit and thought I would give it a go. Guess what – I like them enough that I think they will make it into the hallway and stairway display.

I have spent the last few days reading the pioneer womans blog and I hae enjoyed it so much, she makes me laugh and also waste a considerable portion of my day. Hey I’m on maternity at the moment, so bascially paid to do nothing – and I’m getting good at it.

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Rain and rascals

So today it rained and it was overcast. The last two days have been perfect, sunshine and blue sky. Today the clothes arrived that we ordered 3 weeks ago and I had plans to get some nice portraits done of both kids. Seeing the weather was so so, the kids and I where tired, it ended up not happening.
I did end up getting a snapshot of the tow of them in new clothes outside the front door and I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m not compleltly non-biased, but I think they are cute.
ALso got one of Sønnich that I played a bit with, nothing fancy and nothing award wining, but it’s a photography blog and so I’ll post it anyway.
Tomorrow the weather should be fine again and I hope to get some pictures taken of stuff. I plan to decorate the nursery with some picutres of different things all babyrelated but still need to get my head around what it could be..

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My freaking 50 mm is not working AGAIN! Just 6 months ago the autofokus stopped working and I had to wait 4 weeks for it to be repaired. With the new baby due in a month, it happend again today – I’m so angry I feel I could burst into flames.
Sønnich and I had planned to get some pictures taken today, it’s all a part of my ” I want pictures of my two kids” before they are three – plan. I had planned to shoot indoor and therefor using the 50 mm – but no such luck.
I think the few pictures I did take of my dear son today, very much reflect my mood at the time.
We did have a good time thou, that has to be said.
Tonights task is to find repair papers from last fix and wrap up lense so it can be shiped off tomorrow and be ready for the new babys arrival in not very long.

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