Month: March, 2009

The world gets smaller when on maternity

One week into my maternity and I’m enjoying it – alot. I haven’t started alot of the projects I had planned, but I will – sometime.

I’m at this point desperate to see spring coming. I want to take pictures of my kids and other peoples kids, but I don’t want naked tree and rain in the pictures. I long for flowers, bluesky, sun, green leafs on the trees and kids not bundled up in hats and ugly but practical winter clothes.
I did order new clothes for the kids this week. Iben is growing so fast and all her shirts are to small, they are too short on the sleeves and dont make it down to have pant waist anymore. Shopping for her was not all the easy as fashion here still is the retro theme and I hate that, I absolutely loathe it. I did manage to spend a good 3000 kr. and hopefully it will fit when it gets here. Maybe just maybe the clothes will arrive at the same time as the weather changes.

So about 7 weeks from now the baby will arrive and I guess I should be doing some work in the nursery and I have alot of ideas. I want to decorate the room with some pictures of my own, just need a day or two where the light is right and where I have the time.
I will need B’s help to clean up the nursery as there are heavy boxes to be moved around. I also need to sort out some baby clothing in neutral colors and I think my sister may have all there is. Mental note, call sister tonight.

I have found one baby item that I would love to get and that is this one

I just looks so lovely and soft and perfect for spring…

If someone should get the idea

of buying Iben and Sønnich gifts when the new baby come – you need to know what rocks their worlds right now.
Iben is moving into the trading stage and her big passion is Diddle

She loves diddle pens, erasers, books, stickers, cards, figures. I can make it shorter, she loves Diddle.

Sønnich loves cars and super heroes. Also he is in a bit of a starwars fase and is often seen fightning bad ass guys with his imaginary light sword. His favourite superheroes are Spiderman, Superman,Batman, Ninja turtles and he likes starwars, even thou he has no clue what it is.

The baby, well needs very little. We are always open to clothdiapers and diaper pants, we don’t have a mobile anymore as our Winne the Pooh one was loved to death. We still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, so please no pink and blue shopping yet 😉

No pictures this time but soon, I promise.

Alma Auguste Raaby Wieser’s big day

My lovely little cute and always happy niece was christend on sunday. The weather started out the usual crappy danish way, but after the cermony it started getting better and the day ended with sunshine.
My sister and husband had the brunch in a lovely spot that had the most amazing window light and since I had my camera with me, I felt compelled to take pictures. Here are some of them, my favorites.

Getting into the zone again

I have been in a very uncreative state of mind for months now. I normally love love editing and taking pictures but have had no desire what so ever – strange. Well it’s finally starting to come back and today I threw my love on my beautiful niece. These pictures are from months back – yup it’s been that bad – but today I got a few done.
I love the feding picture, I have more of them coming.

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11 days left of work and then materity leave

It is unreal and nice all at the same time. Time is flying and life is busy and before we know it, there will be 5 people in the family. So today I had the joy of spending the day with my son and it was great. We had the best weather as the sun was shining and even thou it was cold and both Sønnich and I have colds, we went for a walk.
Never ended up taking alot of pictures but I played with two of them.