Month: August, 2008

Because we love her

This is our old trusted dog Trunte. She has been in this family for more than 8 years now. Althou a P.I.T.A at time, life without her would be strange. She has mustered up more patience than we would have dared believe, put up with baybs tugging her ears, stealing her food and playing with her toys. Not once has she ever growled or otherwise showed impatience with the kids. She is the best – plain and simple.

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A brooken lense

Arggh sh** day. Was going to take some pictures using my 50 mm F/1.4 but when I out it on the camera there was zero communication between the glass and the camera. Freaked me out for a moment there because I thought my old but trusted xt had brooken. Put on the 85 mm and it worked fine. *SIGH of relief*.
Bribed (as per usual) my son into sitting still and got some closeups of him. Outside it was raining cats and dogs, so no chance of practising more on full body shots.
Anyways here he is, sitting still and not much more..

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Forgot something really important

Here grama and Grampa, your oldest grandchild om her very first day of school.

My girl and me

Sometimes having the kids one on one is the best. Iben and I had a date on saturday night that involved staying up past her bed time, going on an adventure, eating too many chocolate ccookies and letting me taking some photos of her.
We had a great time and we will probably soon repeat it 🙂
I think one of my all time favorite pictures came out of this little photodate, the one of Iben in the cornfield.

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Had so much fun editing these

It was all about going nuts. Took a walk today with Brendan and the kids and it was lovely. Still so much to explore around here. I of course took some pictures and had in mine before hand, that I would go wild in the editing process. Not my usual style as people will notice but I’m still very happy about the editing process.

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