Month: June, 2008


I can’t beleive a month has gone by and tomorrow Linda will be leaving. Not one picutre did I get of her, time just slipped away.
I did get these two today thou and I really like them.

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Pulling an old one out

Because I have nothing new to show.
I have bought some pretty bright lollies today and will use them for some photos as soon as possible, so hang on for those.

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Need to add this one…

I instantly feel in love with this picture…

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Another hot day and some practice shoots

Still sweltering hot here. Tomorrow they say it’s goingto rain and that would be most welcome.
The kids where sweet and let me play. Here is some of what we got.
Tomorrow I have to go back to work, this was my on week until next summer…. it sucks. May grant myself a week in the fall thou…. I just might need it.

Lady with an attitude….

Here are todays shots. I have been so tired, the kids have been of the chart irritating and it’s’ been hot hot hot.

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