Month: April, 2008

Not much to show

I tried – believe me. The weathe was nice and warm but the sun never really came out behnd the clouds. The colors where grey in grey which doesn’t make for the nicest pictures. This one of SØnnich however just had a certain quality to it – a great childhood memorie kind feeling.
The rest of sunday was spent hunting Sønnich with the new lense. He is NOT a big fan of my camera and so I didn’t really get any real keepers. I did get to know my new lense better and that is also worth alot to me.

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Caught up with an old friend

Well the wonders of Facebook never ceases to amaze me. Today a person from the past showed up on Facebook. We knew each othe well about 15 years ago but lost contact all together – as people do.How nice to catch up and reconnect. We exchanged stories about our families and lifes, husbands and wifes and kids, carriers and everything in between. I had some good hours and laughs today chatting on Msn and don’t regret not getting anything done.
I did mean to go out and take pictures but the weather was so so. Iben and I tried to get some beach shots but it was to cold.
One picture I did end up editing was one of an oldish house on Rømø. It’s not particular old or beautiful but I have wanted to turn it black/white for a while and I like the result.

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Baby baby I’m in love….

It’s here…. it really is. My new canon 85 mm f/1.8 USM was waiting for me when I got home today. Am I ever in love. It feels big and heavy compared to my nifty fifty but it’s tag sharp and so lovely. It has got awsome bokeh and I think the weekend will be spent playing with this new wonderful toy.
Hopefully tomorrow I get to really check it out. Today ended up being snapshot afte snapshot just to try out the new godness and become familiar with the new family member. Again picture don’t show up right unless you click for propper size.

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Just some ramblings and no pictures

We had three wonderful days at home. I know I should just cherish the thought of that but instead I find myself despise the drive to and from work, can’t wait for it to be over.
The strike is still full blown and people calling for counseling today where not happy. I had to put up with more than one person thinking I’m the person to blame for his/her cancelled operation…
The weather again today was stunning. I just came home from my power walk and as I walked the sun was setting and all the dear where out. I am going to miss the nature over here so much and hope to find beautiful spots aound our new home, both for walking and taking pictures.

Todays highlight : coming home and seeing my gorgeous family.

Spring is here, lovely walk and a beautiful daughter

So all of these are from today. I’m at the point where I really should head to bed but my damn tooth is keeping me up. I had a root canal done today…. grrrrr.
Today was a good day in my book. I had the day off, went for a walk with my kids and got lots of great photos of Iben. I’m not done editing all photos yet and have at least one more I need to look at before crawling into my very crowed bed.
Sønnich woke up about 40 minutes ago and wanted to go sleep in out bed (he does that every night) and 10 minutes ago Iben had the same wish. Lucky fo them I’m the one still up, I’m the softy and kind of enjoy being wrapped in kids all night long.

Again, it’s important to click on the image for correct sizing.