Month: December, 2007

Happy New Year

And the last pictures of my kids from this year.

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A wee lil one

A single picture of Sønnich today. Had him sitting somewhat still in the fairy today and decided to take some shots. This one turned out all right and that with all the odds against me. I have a lot of nice ones from the trip but the light was fading so fast I was shooting at 1600 ISO and my camera does not handle that well at all. So for now – just this one.

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let there be light

A single shot turned somewhat all right today. Iben got some jewellery from the Nisse and was eager to show it off.

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Just for Grama

Tried taking some photos of the kids today but had to give up. The light was not in my favour, it was no excisting and the kids where all over the place. Tomorrow, if the weahter allows it, Brendan will help me out and hopefully we’ll get some shots that work.
Today on the phone I promised Grama to see if we had some photos of Sønnich in his new sweater and I found two. So here they are and I think more will show up as he loves his new rainbow sweater 🙂 Remember to click on the images as the will show up nicer that way 🙂

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Got lucky again

Here he is on the last day he is two years old. Time flyes …..

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