Month: November, 2007

Beautiful day on Rømø

And I had some time to pratice again. I first did a play session with my sister (ambushed her at home) to try out the reflector I got and I love it. I need to pratice with it lots more, but it does give of an amazing amont of light – it is crazy really.

On the way home I stopped and took so close-ups of some bla bla bla grass (can’t remeber the name). I thought I was all done but when I drove over the causeway the water was so still and beautiful, I had to stop and take pictures.

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Still need som kids to pratice on

Daylight is gone by the time Sønnich and Iben are home. It really is irritating as I have my brand new 5 in 1 reflector and still haven’t had a chance to use it.

This morning was gorgeous and I hurried to find the camera and shoot some frames. Here are two of them SOOC….

Both taken in manual.. can’t be bothered to find the excif for them.

50 mm f/1.4 arrived

I’m blown away, I love this lense. I was a bit nervous about working with a prime again, haven’t done that since I was 14 years but it was amazing.
As soon as it got here I had to try it out. Of course the kids where not here, so I took some nature shots instead.

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No new pictures but soon new equipment

I did it. Sold of a bunch of wraps (not my favorites and stille have plenty) and tunred the money around a bought a new 50 mm f/1.4 lense and a reflector. I’m super excited, it#s like christmas. Now I can just wait for it to arrive and hopefully once it does, I can borrow some more kids to use as models…..

As soon as I have pictures with the new lense, I’ll make sure to post them.

What I do have is two picutres taken yesterday in a bad storm on the Island. The sky was ever changing and dark, stormy, rainy. The tide was in an notice how high the boats are elevated in the harbour. Also included a picture of Sönderstrand….. that was not to be found yesterday. The beach was gone, even the road was flooded…