Month: October, 2007

Felia, beautiful baby

Was given the great chance to take pictures of little beautiful 2 months old Felia yesterday. She choose to sleep the entire time away apart from a diaper change.
Becuase she sleept all the time I got to practice in camera crop and also learned a valuable lesson, that I need to be brave enough to shoot with a higher ISO to avoid some of the softfokcus issues. Never the less, some turned all right.

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Great fall day

Had another photo opportunity today and took some pictures of Iben. Still practising manual mode and having fun doing it. None of these have been throu photoshop yet but hopefully I’ll have some time soon to do do.

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My sister modelling

Took a day out of the busy lifeto pratice shooting in manal mode. It was hard but fun and I actually really love the results. Here is one of my sister, nothing done to it other than a crop. We post some B/w conversions later and a colorplay as well.

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Perfect exampel of how a horribly bad picture can be turned into a cute picture with some photoshop skills. Sønnich is 14 months in this picture.

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watching tv

Sønnich is watching tv and I had to take advantage of him not moving and took this picture. I just happend to have the camera in my hand and shot on whatever setting it was on, turned out all rihgt all the same.

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